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Prepare for Installation

For installation and initial setup, you must have the following at hand:

  • The Small Office Security virtual appliance image. You can obtain the Small Office Security image download link by registering for a trial on the Small Office Security product page.
    The Small Office Security appliance image is available in several different formats, compatible with the main virtualization platforms:
    • OVA, compatible with VMware vSphere
    • VHD, compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V
    • XVA, compatible with Citrix XenServer, XenDesktop, VDI-in-a-Box
      Note: Support for other formats and virtualization platforms may be provided on request.
  • DNS name or fixed IP address (either by static configuration or via a DHCP reservation) for the Small Office Security appliance
  • If needed, proxy server settings
  • Username and password of a domain administrator (when using Active Directory)
  • License key (check the trial registration or purchase email)