Bitdefender Firewall

Does BitDefender Antivirus Have Firewall Protection?

Bitdefender Internet Security and Total Security build on Antivirus Plus 2013. They both include a two-way firewall, parental controls and spam protection. Total Security offers additional protection for your laptop. It can lock, wipe or locate the laptop from any device connected to the Internet. You can use Bitdefender Safe box to store files online and access them from mobile devices. Total Security also includes a tuneup feature for your computer.

Other Firewall Options

If you already have Bitdefender Antivirus and don’t want to upgrade to Bitdefender Internet Security or Total Security, you have other firewall options. Windows Firewall is preinstalled on your Windows computer and is accessible from the Control Panel. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall and Comodo Firewall Free (links in Resources) are third-party firewall options.

Bitdefender Products with Firewalls

Bitdefender’s anti-virus software, Antivirus Plus, does not include a firewall, although it is praised for how well it defends your computer. A firewall is an important piece of your Internet security — it blocks hacker attacks and prevents programs from maliciously communicating to the Internet. Bitdefender has other security software products that include a firewall; you can also use a free firewall option to protect your computer.

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